SIGC – News Archives – September 2020

Sept 30, 2020
Companies added better than expected 749,000 jobs amid jump in construction, hospitality, ADP says

Professional and business services were up 78,000, while construction also had a solid month, adding 60,000 positions…read more

Sept 23, 2020
What contractors should know about Wi-Fi connectivity in new office construction

Contractors that build offices need to be aware of the newest trends and tenant requests, including the latest developments that can help improve internet access, Lars Olsen, head of midwest for WiredScore, which certifies buildings for connectivity and technologies…read more

Sept 22, 2020
As Concerns Over Climate Change Rise, More Developers Turn to Wood

With environmental benefits and lower labor costs, mass timber has grown into a market that could rival steel and concrete in the construction industry…read more

Sept 21, 2020
With $4M in backing, Core joins construction jobs app field

Core joins an increasingly crowded field of technology firms trying to solve the seemingly simple yet intractable challenge of connecting tradespeople looking for work with construction companies who are hiring…read more

Sept 19, 2020
From Butts To Bricks, This Is The Plan To Recycle Cigarettes Into Construction Materials

A recently published paper from researchers at the School of Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) lays out their plan for using cigarettes in the brick-making process…read more

Sept 19, 2020
Which Pandemic-initiated Construction Processes and Technologies are Built to Last?

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in new processes and protocols that impact everybody on the jobsite — from the boots on the ground all the way to the back office. Many of these processes will stick around long after a vaccine is available and we return to our so-called “normal” way of working. Here’s what to expect over the next several months and years…read more

Sept 18, 2020

Underfloor heating provides a viable alternative for conventional heating systems. Instead of using forced airflow from above, heat is released at floor level. Ceiling-based heating systems must work against natural convection, while underfloor systems use it to their advantage. This is beneficial in terms of energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality…read more

Sept 17, 2020
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index - 2020 Q3

The Commercial Construction Index (CCI) increased by one point to 57 in Q3 from 56 in Q2. While the overall index score remained fairly steady, two of the three main indicators saw increases. Contractors’ confidence in new business went up six points to 56, and revenue expectations rose four points to 48 in Q3…read more

Sept 16, 2020
Road to Recovery: The view from Virginia

Record-low interest rates. Major infrastructure projects. Robust data center construction.

These are a few reasons why Charlie Windle maintains a glass-half-full outlook for the rest of the year at Luck Stone, the nation’s largest family-owned and -operated crushed stone, sand and gravel producer. Considering the economic uncertainty brought on earlier this year, Windle has some newfound clarity on the months ahead that elevates his confidence about the remainder of 2020…read more

Sept 10, 2020

The prevention guidelines for COVID-19 have focused mostly on social distancing, personal protective equipment, and strict hygiene protocols. However, building design features can also be used to protect occupants from infection. Architects and engineers can use design features to create healthier spaces, while improving other aspects of wellness and building performance…read more

Sept 10, 2020
How to Adjust Subcontractor & Site Visitor Policies in COVID-19

In the construction industry, close quarters and shared equipment can make following these guidelines difficult. But it’s essential that you clarify expectations and educate your employees on the dangers of COVID-19. This is particularly important as your jobsites become increasingly populated…read more

Sept 10, 2020
Burger King to build mobile-focused restaurant model in 2021

Burger King unveiled two new restaurant designs last week that will have dedicated mobile order and curbside pickup areas, drive-in and walk-up order areas, enhanced drive-thrus, exterior dining space and sustainable design elements, according to a press release. The first newly designed restaurants, which the chain claims will be 100% touchless and 60% smaller than a traditional restaurant, will be built in 2021 in Miami, Latin America and the Caribbean….read more

Sept 9, 2020
The most in-demand tech jobs in construction

The mushrooming field of contech has created demand for a new kind of worker who has a top-to-bottom understanding of the principles of good construction, project management and computer coding….read more

Sept 8, 2020
Northern Virginia Remains North America’s Most Active Data Center Market

“Demand continued to move at a strong pace in Northern Virginia, mostly attributable to tech and cloud companies,” he said. “Following record new construction in 2019, the market is now at a point where most of the new deliveries from 2019 have been absorbed and landlords are looking to accelerate building their next facilities to accommodate end-user needs.”…read more

Sept 3, 2020
Your Strategy for Restarting Projects During & After the Pandemic

There are distinct cases, states and markets that have not seen a disruption to construction activity. In some cases, the work itself serves as enough “social distancing.” Even in situations where a complete shutdown has not occurred, there is a new normal affecting the construction project life cycle…read more

Sept 3, 2020
New partnership aims to boost solar power use, career training in SW Va.

Local economic development advocates and a private solar power installation company are looking for a sunny side to the region’s energy and job markets…read more

Sept 2, 2020
Tech 101: Blockchain's benefits for construction

Building pros say to really see blockchain’s potential in this business, you first need to forget everything you’ve heard about bitcoin and crypto, because blockchain is much more basic than that.

In fact, it’s a lot more boring, which is what makes it so potentially powerful for construction…read more

Sept 2, 2020
Construction robot research uses nature as a guide

Researchers at MIT have explored the possibilities of RoboClam, a mechanical cousin of expert digger the Atlantic razor clam. Like its biological counterpart, RoboClam manipulates its shell to “fluidize” soil, which reduces burrowing drag. The researchers envision a self-contained, upsized RoboClam digging undersea tunnels for cable installations, or digging deep into land-based soil…read more

Sept 1, 2020
Optimize Large Scale Construction & Turnaround Projects through Data

Construction and large-scale facility maintenance projects are significant undertakings and every task must be carefully orchestrated to avoid unexpected, and costly, delays. New construction of an industrial facility, such as a refinery or a power plant, shares similarities with subsequent major maintenance projects—a nearly endless list of specific tasks and an enormous number of specialized trades that deliver the manpower to make the project happen…read more

Sept 1, 2020
10 Technologies Improving All Aspects of Construction

Whether it be high-tech grade positioning, Building Information Modeling systems, telematics, remote control, or 3D printing, these technologies are available now. The initial investments construction companies make in these technologies will be repaid in faster, more streamlined project deployment, fewer errors in the field, improved fleet maintenance and more efficient labor deployment…read more